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A designated gymnastics hall is arranged for physiotherapy group exercises, which is lavishly equipped with fittings necessary for physiotherapeutic exercises. Physiotherapists offer creative and professional therapeutic gymnastics by using balance pads, traditional dumb-bells and sticks, large and small exercise balls, Flexi-bar, TRX Suspension Trainers and Sling therapy
CHILDREN’S DEVELOPMENT CENTRE OF ARS MEDICAL CENTRE offers activities where the parents, grandmothers and nannies learn how to develop infants and children comprehensively, by bringing the muscle tone to norm with the help of gymnastics and toys, how to promote emotional contacts, promote communication experience with peers and help develop learning of language by the child.
Micro-speech therapist’s classes on correct development of infant’s speech!
We offer classes for children of different age groups, instructing children and parents in Latvian and in Russian is possible.
During the first year of life a baby experiences a giant leap in development and needs to learn so many new things – to hold the head up, capture things, roll over, crawl, sit, raising to feet, walk. Exercising is necessary for infants to help him or her learn to feel own body, balance muscle tone, prevent body asymmetry and learn a variety of movements.
Massage is one of the oldest and most effective treatment methods!

At Infants School Skoliņa Oliņa moms, dads, grannies and nannies learn how to develop correct posture of babies, to bring the muscle tone to norm with help of gymnastics and toys, how to facilitate emotional contacts, develop movement coordination, strengthen the respiratory system. Here children gain early music experience, because music is the first art form, to which a human consciously reacts in infancy. Classes at Infants School Skoliņa Oliņa stimulate sensory functions, simply said – develop seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling and also many other things necessary for the child’s full-fledged development, including language learning.
Podiatry, high-quality and professional, necessary to any person starting from adolescence – to everyone, who cares for health of legs!

ARS Rehabilitācijas centrs

Branch of ARS Medical Centre ARS Rehabilitācijas centrs offers consultations of competent specialists, preventive healthcare and rehabilitation opportunities to adults.

At CHILDREN’S DEVELOPMENT CENTRE everything is specifically thought out concerning preventive healthcare for children – consultations by early development speech therapist (micro – speech therapist), physiotherapy – Bobot therapy and handling training, also individual gymnastic exercises for children at Skoliņā Oliņā, which offers for preschool children special developmental programmes and music basics.