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Gymnastics for infants and children

Gymnastics for infants and children

During the first year of life a baby experiences a giant leap in development and needs to learn so many new things – to hold the head up, capture things, roll over, crawl, sit, raising to feet, walk. Exercising is necessary for infants to help him or her learn to feel own body, balance muscle tone, prevent body asymmetry and learn a variety of movements.

  • Bobot therapy is carried individually for infants from 3 months to 1 year old. In exercises the baby is actively involved, by learning his body and contacting the outside world. The exercises last for about 30 minutes, depending on the baby’s attention span.
  • Handling training for parents together with the baby – teaches how to maintain and work with the baby correctly. This is the work of hands of the parents and touching their child as from the first days of life. Holding, lifting, calming and cradling the baby correctly can help the baby realize and arrange own body, ensuring in the long run symmetric and full-fledged development.
  • Remedial gymnastics for children and teenagers.

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