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To assist you in the full recovery of your health and as prevention against illness, the ARS Medical company Rehabilitation department offers: manual therapies, physical therapies physicians, physiotherapists and masseuse services. Physical and physiotherapy specialists are available for consultations to determine the most suitable procedures for you.

In the physical therapies department you can receive:

  • physical therapy procedures (electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, short-wave therapy etc.);
  • ozokerite therapy;
  • massages;
  • hydrotherapy;
  • solarium.

In our therapeutic exercise room we can arrange individual physiotherapy sessions.

We offer:

  • Posture correcting, scoliosis correcting gymnastics by the Schroth method;
  • Rehabilitation after injuries, exercises for back pain;
  • Exercises for pregnancy;
  • Sling therapy;
  • Kinesiology taping;
  • Home exercise program creation;
  • Physiotherapies package offer;
  • Group exercise classes at the ARS medical company branch at 11/13 Blaumaņu street.

Physiotherapy services for children include:

  • Bobath method of exercise for infants;
  • Handling tutorial for parents;
  • Corrective gymnastics for children.
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Slinga terapija

Sling therapy