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Menopause problems

Menopause is a physiological process that affects any woman at a certain biological age. This is the time when no less than 12 months have passed since the last menstruation, and a clinical picture of the end of the hormonal activity of the ovaries may be observed. The average age when menopause occurs is 51 year.

Menopause is further divided into three periods:

  • Pre-menopause: time during ovarian dysfunction appears.
  • Peri-menopause: time from the reduction of the ovarian function till 12 months after the last spontaneous menstruation.
  • Post-menopause: time after the onset of menopause.

The symptoms of menopause may differ greatly and have a varying intensity. Some women have no complaints or the complaints are minimal, while for others these manifestations are often quite agonising.

One of the early climacteric complaints is heat waves. Sweating, irritability, headache, palpitations may also occur during this period. Complaints about vaginal dryness and itching, urinary incontinence, skin dryness, pain during sexual intercourse may appear later on. This may be complemented by unclear bone pain, leading to osteopenia and osteoporosis.

A complex and thorough examination and prevention and correction of the undesired clinical symptoms of menopause is required during this period that is so difficult for women.

Depending on the manifestations of menopause, we provide each client with the necessary medical examinations prescribed by a doctor. A wide range of examinations is available. We offer:

Once the necessary tests and examinations have been performed, an experienced specialist will choose the most appropriate means to ensure that life during the period of menopause is free, active, creative and fulfilled.

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