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Emergency service

Emergency service

The emergency medical assistance unit at Medical Centre ARS provides emergency medical assistance not only in Riga but throughout Latvia 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

+371 672 01 003

Medical Centre ARS provides an improved treatment strategy that is availiable during weekends and holidays. Emergency medical assistance doctor, cardiologist Anita Makarovska, will introduce it to you.

When to call for emergency help?

In all acute cases:

  • Sudden, sharp pain – in any part of the body,
  • Heart disturbances,
  • High body temperature,
  • Poor overall wellbeing,
  • Also late at night when it is not possible to call a GP,
  • If help is necessary to assist with injections, intravenous infusions etc.

Our phone dispatchers will evaluate the seriousness of the situation and will determine whether it is necessary for an emergency medical assistance unit to visit or if it is better for a GP, cardiologist or other specialist to pay a house visit.

Equipment as required by Cabinet of Ministers

Emergency ambulance vehicles are completely adjusted for intensive care and life saving as stated by law:

  • ECG devices, to perform heart electrocardiogram
  • Defibrillators with a monitor, necessary when disruptions in heart rhythm need to be averted and for patient reanimation
  • Resuscitators
  • 24-hour Holter monitoring; Holter 48 hour monitoring
  • Oxygen, stretcher splints and vacuum mattresses which are necessary for first aid in life threatening situations


Medical Centre ARS

Emergency Medicine Department dispatcher’s phone

+371 672 01 003

Medical Centre ARS Emergency Medicine Department provides: