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Professional and quality foot care is essential for everyone. People should take good care of their feet, beginning in their early teenage years. When people have foot problems that they can not resolve themselves, they should visit a foot specialist. Professional podiatry is especially important for high risk group patients, for example patients with diabetes.

The most common foot problems which can be cured with a podiatrist’s help are:

  • skin thickening or cracks on the feet;
  • ingrown toenails;
  • corns, warts, ulcers;
  • skin and nail fungal infection
  • foot care for diabetics, etc.

A Medical foot care specialist (podiatrist):

  • makes an individual plan for the care of your feet;
  • applies the appropriate technological treatment;
  • provides the best solution for the cure or removal of the patient’s foot problem;
  • prioritizes foot cares problems, sets expected results and plans a step-by-step treatment procedure,  as well as conducts foot examinations (for example, examinations of pressure reception, vibration reception, temperature reception, pulse, skin color etc.)

Podiatry specialists:

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