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Physiotherapy for children

Physiotherapy for children

The first year of life of a baby is marked by a huge leap in development – raising the head, gripping things, rolling, crawling, sitting upright, standing up on one’s legs and walking around. There are so many new things for a baby to learn. Gymnastics is necessary for an infant to become conscious of its body, have a well-balanced muscle tone, prevent asymmetry in the body and master various movements.

It has been proven that children who do physical exercise during their first year of life feel safer, have a better space awareness and feel the joy of movement. Physical exercise may be required for medical purposes in cases where a child has a muscle imbalance or neurological problems of some sort.

Bobath therapy

This therapy is designed for infants aged 3 to 12 months based on an individual approach. The infant gets actively involved in exercises during the session, becoming conscious of its body and learning how to get into contact with the world around it. The duration of a session is approx. 30 minutes, depending on the ability of the baby to concentrate its attention.

During the session parents can learn baby handling techniques: the basic skills of dressing and carrying the baby and changing its clothes or nappies.

General body massage and massage of individual body parts as well as physical therapy procedures are available for babies at the Physical Therapy Department.

Sessions of physiotherapy and Bobath therapy are conducted by Zane STRODE physiotherapist of the ARS Medical Centre.

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Medical gymnastics sessions for children

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