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MEDICINE - Profession. Art. Science.

Founded in 1988, “Medical center ARS” is one of the largest and highly esteemed medical clinics in Latvia, bringing together leading national medical specialists and using up-to-date technologies, innovations and recent scientific discoveries in all of its branches.


Quality services, professional attitude, use of advanced technologies and a sense of responsibility: these are self-evident and robust values characteristic of modern medicine. But there is yet another dimension to it that is often not discussed much, for it is intangible, impossible to prove, yet it plays just as big if not a major role in the process of health recovery.

It's Art.

Medical doctors and artists are closely united by creativity. Putting one's talent and skills to use, benefiting from it and sharing the result with other people is the highest degree of craftsmanship. It is our belief.


New specialist – Dr. K. SHUSHPANOVS, gynecologist with specialization in operative gynecology

We are pleased to announce that from November 2022, Dr. Christians SHUSHPANOVS, a certified gynecologist, an obstetrician with a specialization in operative gynecology, a certified ultrasound specialist in...

Distance Consulting at the “Medicīnas centrs ARS”

Dear patients, In the interests of patient health and accessibility of medical services, ARS Medical Centre has been providing distance health consultations over the phone since 19 March. Distance consulting...

Next generation cancer screening tool

There is preliminary evidence that human hair and it’s specific cancer DNA phenotype can be used as an early predictor of tumour formation in the body. We’re now developing a non-invasive and completely safe...