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Paediatrician home visit

Paediatrician home visit

Provides a full package of services on treatment and preventive healthcare for children up to 18 years old.

You can apply for home visit by a paediatrician over the phone

672 01 003

You can call a paediatrician home each working day, as well as on Saturday, Sunday, holidays

A paediatrician of Medical Centre ARS Astrīda DZIRNIECE: You do not need to go to a doctor with an ill child! You can call a paediatrician home. Also when you wish to care for disease prevention or consult on any matter, but do not wish to go to a medical establishment to prevent your child from contact with ill children and adults to avoid catching some viruses and fall ill.

Comprehensive service and personal attitude

We examine the child amid his or her familiar home atmosphere, thereby avoiding unnecessary distress. We have various rapid tests that help identify the presence of infection immediately or its agent. If necessary, a paediatrician administers also injection. Together with mother we develop the best treatment plan, prescribe medications. Complete also necessary formalities – issue sick leave certificate to parents, certificate for the child to school or to kindergarten etc. If necessary, we can take mother with the child to hospital to avoid queuing in the emergency room.

For newborns

We provide also newborn home nursing. If mother after discharge from maternity wards does not have contacts with GP or with a paediatrician, you can call ARS paediatrician home. We provide mother with a wide range of information concerning care for the baby, feeding etc. If necessary, we take monthly examination of the child, also make preventive vaccination provided for in the state free of charge.

Pricelist for paediatrician home visit

For calls outside of Riga it is necessary to pay additionally EUR 0.75 per 1 km.

Important: Prices to LR residents and foreign guests are the same.

For information: These services are covered also by insurance policies (depending on the policy type).
Paediatrician home visit lasts up to 30 minutes.

Throughout Latvia

We provide services to patients in Riga and to other patients, but outside of Riga it is necessary to pay additionally for each kilometre. We go to any place in Latvia, where mothers wish to receive paediatrician’s services. Such service is particularly useful on evenings of working days, on weekends and holidays, when GP is unavailable.