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Home visits

ARS Medical Centre provides home visits by specialty care providers.

Dispatcher’s phone (+ 371) 672 01 003

For example, if you suffer back pains, high temperature or if you don’t want to go to a medical establishment during virus outbreaks or your GP is unavailable.

ARS Medical Centre offers home visits from:

Good news:

Therapist and paediatrician home visits can be called not only on working days, but also on weekends and holidays

Home visits by specialty care providers (neurologist, cardiologist, surgeon, dermatologist) can be appointed on working days.

The specialists are adequately equipped to perform various examinations at home, if necessary, auscultate heart, measure blood pressure, detect level of sugar in blood, perform ECG, issue referral to X-ray, blood /urine analysis etc. The doctor fulfils the GP functions – examines patients, assigns therapy and prescribes medications, if necessary, issues sick leave certificates.

For information:

Depending on the urgent medical service team, which renders necessary help, the doctor on home visit performs only examination of the patient, assigns therapy and prescribes medications.

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Prices to LR residents and foreign guests are the same. For calls outside of Riga it is necessary to pay additionally EUR 0.75 per 1 km.

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These services are covered also by insurance policies (depending on the policy type).


  • Call a doctor home! (LV) – Urgent Medical Service Department of   ARS Medical Centre provides medical services not only in Riga, but throughout Latvia 24/7. Remember that you can call a paediatrician, therapist home also on weekends and holidays. Urgent medical service dispatcher’s phone +371 672-01-003.