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Ultrasonography (USG) is harmless and painless yet it is a very informative and quickly achievable imaging examination technique. It can be used to evaluate various organ and soft tissue structures. USG imaging uses high frequency sound waves – ultrasound. USG examinations pose no risk to pregnant women.

Medical Company ARS performs USG examinations using Premium class USG diagnostic equipment providing accurate and high-quality diagnostics.

We provide examinations on the following tissues/organs:

  • organs in the upper abdomen (liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, spleen, pancreas);
  • pelvic floor 2D and 3D transperineal, transvaginal USG;
  • rectal exam – transrectal 3D USG;
  • kidney and urinary tract;
  • thyroid;
  • major salivary glands;
  • breasts;
  • connective tissue, muscle, tendons and joints;
  • prostate;
  • erectile dysfunction dopplerography.

We provide USG exams for children (Dr. Kreicšteine):

  • neurosonography;
  • hip joint exams;
  • urinary tract and abdominal cavity organ exams.

For gynaecological patients and pregnant women we offer exams with our Premium class ultrasound equipment with 3/4 dimension programs:

  • gynaecological ultrasound scan with an endocavitary probe;
  • ultrasound scan of foetuses (including foetal biometry, in-depth screening USG, 4 dimension foetal USG).

Dopplerography exams with the newest generation ultrasound equipment:

  • dopplerography of head and neck blood vessels;
  • dopplerography of trunk and extremity arteries and veins;
  • echocardiography with dopplerography (including echocardiography for children);
  • foetal echocardiography and dopplerography.

Under ultrasound control we perform breast punctures for various cases of breast formations – to clarify the diagnosis and for therapeutic purposes.

All kinds of USG exams will become more purposeful if they will be referred by a specialist physician noting information about the problem in question. We remind you that insurers pay for USG exams only with a doctor’s referral.

Preparation for abdomen ultrasonography