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Doppler diagnostics of erectile dysfunction

Doppler diagnostics of erectile dysfunction

The range of ultrasound examinations provided at Medical Centre ARS is supplemented with a new, unique in Latvia examination for men – Doppler ultrasound of erectile dysfunction.

Pēteris PRIEDĪTIS, radiologist, MUDr, Assistant Professor of Riga Stradins University, introduces to new opportunities.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) Doppler ultrasound

This is an important examination applied where it is necessary to define more exactly the ED reason – whether it is caused by vascular disorders or by any other problem. This is an optional method, whereby it is possible to check the condition of penile blood vessels.

To the erectile dysfunction Doppler ultrasound the patient is referred by an urologist, andrologist or sexologist.

Prior preparations

for ED Doppler ultrasound is not necessarily. Upon arrival for the examination the patient must have a prescription medication Caverject, which should be found in good time, because it is not available at each pharmacy.

Philips EPIQ 5

Philips EPIQ 5

Duration of examination

Examination lasts from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. It is a bit unpleasant, since the preparation is injected directly into the penis to be able to measure how the blood vessels change under the influence of the preparation. Examination proceeds similar to usual ultrasound, the only difference is that the preparation is injected and the object of investigation is penis. If the examination reveals that the potency disorders are not caused by vascular problems, then it is clear that the fault should be sought otherwhere.

After examination

The patient can return to his usual daily routine without problems. The affect of the preparation is still felt for another hour after examination, if it persists for 6 hours (very occasionally) seek medical advice.

For information:

ED Doppler ultrasound is performed by Pēteris PRIEDĪTIS, radiologist, MUDr.

Doppler ultrasound of erectile dysfunction is performed by using Philips EPIQ 5, an Expert class ultrasound machine.

Erektīlās disfunkcijas doplerogrāfija

Doppler ultrasound of erectile dysfunction is performed by using Philips EPIQ 5, an Expert class ultrasound machine