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Visiting the gynaecologist once a year

Women should plan a visit to the gynaecologist once a year throughout their entire life even if there are no health complaints, says Daiga BARANOVSKA, a certified gynaecologist, certified US specialist and obstetrician of the ARS Medical Centre.

It is important to check your reproductive and intimate health from time to time in order to detect diseases, if any, in their early stage as quickly as possible and thus avoid problems in the future.
Regular checks help to assess whether or not there are any gynaecological deviations from the norm, perform follow-ups to confirm that all developments are age-appropriate. During gynaecological visits, answers are provided to all questions about treatment, contraception, pregnancy planning, hormone therapy, aesthetic gynaecology, etc. of interest or unclear for the client.

Regular visits to the gynaecologist are necessary at all stages in a woman’s life:

  • During adolescence and young adulthood. Girls should schedule their first visit to the gynaecologist immediately after puberty. A gynaecologist helps understand bodily processes, teaches how to take care of oneself and educates on intimate health issues.
  • During the reproductive age, visits to the gynaecologist should be made on a regular basis; this is especially important when planning a pregnancy. Preventive examinations should be performed at this age:
  • During premenopause and menopause women should continue taking care of their health, since hormonal changes cause physical manifestations which may significantly affect their well-being and quality of life. A gynaecologist can help adjusting to such changes, and recommend a hormone replacement therapy if necessary.

No woman is ever too old to give up on visiting the gynaecologist as an age-inappropriate procedure. The irresponsible act of not taking care of one’s health increases the risk of developing oncological diseases in women.

Starting already at the age of 40, it is also important to perform regular mammography exams and continue cervical cancer screening.


Making an appointment for an exam each year is especially important for women with oncological disease cases in the medical history of their family (mothers, grandmothers, sisters).

After checking their intimate health condition with the gynaecologist once a year, women can live on with peace of mind and schedule another visit to the doctor after a year.

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