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Nuclear Medicine Centre, unique for the Baltic States, has opened for diagnostics and production of radiopharmaceuticals

We are pleased to announce the official opening of the nuclear medicine clinic ARS Kodolmedicīnas klīnika, a branch of the Medicīnas centrs ARS, which took place on 11 May 2023.

In cooperation with the NUCLEO Medical Centre the ARS Kodolmedicīnas klīnika has created a medical centre unique for the Baltic States which will provide services of diagnostic nuclear medicine and produce and export radiopharmaceuticals.

Congratulatory speeches by the Latvian Minister for Health Liga Mengelsone, Ambassador of Finland to Latvia Anne Saloranta, President of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine Prof. Rudi Dierckx, Chairman of the Board of the Medicīnas centrs ARS Maris Andersons, Member of the Board of the NUCLEO Medical Centre Dace Ratfeldere, University of Latvia Professor Andrejs Erglis, diagnostic nuclear medicine expert, radiologist of the ARS Kodolmedicīnas klīnika Dr. Marika Kalnina, and Philips Business Development Manager for Central and Eastern European Countries Miks Misans were given at the opening ceremony of the Clinic.

The Nuclear Medicine Centre, which has now opened in Riga, is unique for the entire Baltic region. The Centre will ensure the production of radiopharmaceuticals necessary for diagnostics using the cyclotron at our disposal already by the end of this summer. It is already possible to perform examinations of oncological patients using positron emission tomography and computed tomography. It is also important to note that the Centre will ensure a practical and modern process for training young experts in the fields of medicine and diagnostics, pharmacy and chemistry as well as in medical engineering and physics,’ said Dace Ratfeldere, Member of the Board of NUCLEO Medical Centre.

The ARS Kodolmedicīnas klīnika is already operating on the premises of the NUCLEO Medical Centre, allowing for computed tomography examinations to be performed. Examinations using digital positron emission tomography (PET/CT) and magnetic resonance, one of the most accurate and up-to-date diagnostic methods in oncology, will be started in the very near future. This method helps to detect cancer cells already at an early stage of the disease. Special radiopharmaceuticals are required to use this method: they were imported previously but now they will be produced locally at the newly opened Nuclear Medicine Centre in Latvia.

The high-precision equipment installed at our clinic ensures effective diagnostic of oncological diseases at an early stage. Examinations are performed with particular care ensuring they have the least possible impact on the patients. No similar methods are currently available in oncology for tumour staging, follow-up assessment of tumour growth, assessment of the effectiveness of therapy that work equally well. The experience of our experts and our high work standards have gained recognition at the international level. In 2022, the Medicīnas centrs ARS obtained accreditation from the PET Centre of Excellence of the International Nuclear Medicine Association for the Philips Vereos PET/CT system which is already in use at the ARS Diagnostikas klīnika. It is expected that the new Nuclear Medicine Centre will also help to develop examination procedures in cardiology and other branches of medicine in the future. Thus we are now taking a significant step towards improving the overall public health,’ said Maris Andersons, Chairman of the Board of Medicīnas centrs ARS.

A teleconference address was also made by Professor Rudi Dierckx, President of the European Nuclear Medicine Association, at the opening of the ARS Kodolmedicīnas klīnika who announced with pride that the ARS Kodolmedicīnas klīnika is recognised as a world-class medical centre thanks to the quality certificate received from the PET Centre of Excellence of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine in 2022. This serves as a confirmation of our ability and quality of work. As a company we are also held in high esteem by the International Atomic Energy Agency due to our involvement in several clinical trials. We conduct researches together with other developed countries because we can provide data which will help improve the quality of medical examinations of patients not only in Latvia but also on a global scale.

As many as 4,500 PET examinations have been performed at the ARS Diagnostikas klīnika in the last 5 years. While they are mostly related to oncology, they also include cardiological, pulmonary and neurological examinations. More than 95% of all PET examinations performed in Latvia for all university clinics and major regional hospitals are performed by us. We are proud that physicians and the best doctors of university clinics entrust us with their patients. I would like to thank Maris Andersons, Chairman of the Board of the Medicīnas centrs ARS! He had faith in the idea that Latvia CAN introduce the latest technologies in medical diagnostics, that there are physicians in Latvia capable of working with these technologies. We have been working in the field of PET diagnostics for 5 years now, and we are growing professionally every day!‘ said Dr. Marika Kalnina, diagnostic nuclear medicine expert, Member of the Board of the Baltic Nuclear Medicine Association, radiologist of the ARS Kodolmedicīna klīnika at the formal opening.

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