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We’ve earned world-class recognition!

Our capabilities and work quality are highly appreciated!

The Medicīnas centrs ARS has received a certificate of quality from the PET Centre of Excellence of the European Nuclear Medicine Association.

The ARS Diagnostikas klīnika has been performing digital positron emission tomography (PET/CT) examinations for nearly 5 years now. The experience and high work standards of the ARS Diagnostikas klīnika specialists have earned international recognition during these years. In 2022, the Medicīnas centrs ARS received accreditation from the Centre of Excellence of the International Nuclear Medicine Association for the Philips Vereos PET/CT system which has been in use at the ARS Diagnostikas klīnika since 2019.

The EARL PET/CT accreditation is an initiative of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine designed to improve nuclear medicine practices and facilitate scientific activities and clinical research. This accreditation programme is supported by the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC). It is an expert-recognized independent quality control and assurance tool for the harmonization of PET/CT scan reconstructions and interpretation, reducing variability so that the obtained data is comparable between medical institutions, including on an international level. It includes methodology standardization, including patient preparation, image acquisition, processing and analysis. This accreditation is essential both for ensuring the quality of daily work and for meeting the requirements of international multi-centre clinical trials.

At the opening event of the ARS Kodolmedicīnas klīnika we received greetings from Professor Rudi Dierckx, President of the European Nuclear Medicine Association, who proudly announced that the ARS Kodolmedicīnas klīnika was recognised as a world-class medical centre thanks to the certificate of quality received from the PET Centre of Excellence of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine in 2022. This serves as a confirmation of our ability and work quality. We are also held in high esteem by the International Atomic Energy Agency due to our involvement in several clinical trials. We conduct researches together with other developed countries because we can provide data which will help improve the quality of medical examinations of patients not only in Latvia but also on a global scale.

We are proud of the work of our team of excellent PET/CT experts –radiologists, medical physicists, radiographers, coordinators and others, and we congratulate them heartily.

Our achievements would not have been possible without your work and commitment!