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Dr. Marika Kalnina: We’re doing our job at a world-class level!

Training at the American College of Radiology is taking place this week, from 15 to 18 September, in the United States. Latvia is represented at this training by our radiologist Mrs Marika Kalnina.

 Dr. Marika Kalnina is a diagnostic radiologist working at the ARS Diagnostic Clinic who specialises in nuclear medicine. She is one of the most experienced specialists in the PET/CT method in Latvia. This week she is on a trip to the United States updating her knowledge at the American College of Radiology to obtain a PET/CT training certificate together with the leading US radiologists. Each doctor has to examine 150 PET/CT diagnostic scans and perform a detailed analysis of the examinations together with the leading professors of the college during the training. This training provides an opportunity for medical practitioners – radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians – to acquire intensive hands-on experience in the analysis and interpretation of the results of PET/CT scans. The participants of the training course have to interpret the results of more than 150 oncologic PET/CT scans, and each interpreting session ends in a detailed overview of the main conclusions drawn. These sessions enable practising medical specialists to develop higher competence and confidence in interpreting PET/CT scans.

Radiologist Dr. Marika Kalnina: ‘Dreams come true when you speak them out loud. I’d like to say big thanks to the ARS Diagnostic Clinic for their support in attending the highly acclaimed training course so far away from homeland. PET/CT service in Latvia is at the highest level, and I will take a couple of further improvements and corrections for better practice back to Riga with me. Our patients have access to state-of-the-art technology and well-trained world-class specialists with essential knowledge acquired from top specialists in the field. Let’s keep it that way!’