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Transperineal, transvaginal 2D and 3D pelvic floor USG 105.00
3D transrectal USG 105.00
Testicular USG exam 55.00
Salivary gland USG exam 55.00
Upper abdomen sonography with liver, gallbladder and other organ exam 60.00
Prostate exam with an endocavitary probe 60.00
Sonography exam for the bladder and urinary tract with both kidneys 55.00
USG exam of the musculoskeletal system or soft tissue 70.00
Rheumatologist consultation with joint USG 30.00
4D colour flow Doppler-echocardiography 80.00
Ultrasound exam of leg arteries 60.00
Ultrasound exam of leg veins 60.00
Abdominal aorta and pelvic artery ultrasound exam 60.00
Ultrasound exam of lower vena cava 60.00
Ultrasound exam of leg arteries and veins 105.00
Ultrasound exam of arm arteries or veins 60.00
Brachiocephalic and transcranial blood vessel duplex colour flow dopplerography 110.00
Data interpretation and recommendations for stroke prevention 20.00
USG exam of the musculoskeletal system or soft tissue by Prof. M. RADZINA 80.00
Brachiocephalic blood vessel USG and dopplerography 65.00
Surcharge for medical information retention 5.00

This price-list is a guideline only and may change without prior notice.