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Toshiba AQUILION TM 64

Toshiba AQUILION TM 64

CT examinations are performed on our 64 layer imaging equipment-


The multilayer CT equipment AQUILION TM 64 has a special set of programs for the examination of coronary and other blood vessels.

This equipment is used for coronary blood vessel examinations; also known as coronary angiographies. In terms of diagnostic value it is similar to immediate coronary angiography, however CT coronary angiography is faster, non-invasive and does not cause the patient discomfort.

It is also possible to do brain, neck, abdominal and thoracic cavity, and leg artery angiographies. Angiography accuracy and specificity is identical to digital invasive catheter angiography.

Some examinations (opacification of blood vessels and abdominal cavity CTs with contrast agents) require the intravenous administration of contrast agents. Therefore, it is important to do blood tests prior the examination to determine kidney function (creatinine and urea).