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Sling suspension therapy (SET) is a new concept in modern physiotherapy. This modality is based on active treatment, physical exercise and improvement of functionality. An entire spectrum of activities – from relieving positions to muscle strength exercises – is used in this therapy alongside the expertise of the physiotherapist.

SET Techniques

In sling suspension therapy (SET), the patient’s body is suspended in slings (elastic cords) and the physiotherapist can use his or her hands freely in order to better manage, correct and control the movements of a patient. The use of slings helps reduce the load, allowing the patient to assume a painless body position with less difficulty and to act actively in the position. The use of slings allows for increased relaxation and creates an additional sense of security in the patient.

Terapi Master Equipment

Use of the Terapi Master equipment enables stretching, traction, manual mobilisation as well as provides pain relief and relaxation. Sling suspension therapy ensures mobility training. It can also be used for strength and stability workout, sensory motor training as well as muscular endurance training.

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