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Abdominal ultrasound

Abdominal ultrasound (US) is painless, highly informative and easy to perform visual diagnostic examination, which allows evaluating the structure of abdominal organs and of soft tissues.

US examination is harmless, since it is done using ultrasound – high frequency sound waves, therefore US is performed also on pregnant women.

At Medical clinic “Medicīnas centrs ARS” for ultrasound applies Premium – class diagnostic equipment, which ensures accurate and high-value diagnostic opportunities.

Abdominal ultrasound opportunities

US provides an informative picture on the size, shape, condition and functioning of the abdominal organs.

US is used to examine:

  • liver,
  • gallbladder and bile ducts,
  • kidneys,
  • pancreas,
  • spleen,
  • urinary bladder.

By using the ultrasound method it is possible:

  • to diagnose gallstones or kidney stones;
  • to detect evoked pathologies and congenital abnormalities,
  • to identify changes in the shape, structure or functions of the organs,
  • to detect acute and chronic inflammations;
  • to detect and /or control cysts, benign or malignant formations;
  • after trauma to identify rupture of internal organs, haemorrhage etc.

When a physician assigns abdominal US examination?

  • If there are pains in the abdomen or in the back, fever of unknown origin, digestive disorders.
  • If there are chronic diseases, examination is carried out at least once a year as recommended by the attending physician.
  • For prophylactic purposes – once a year.

How to get ready for abdominal US examination?

To obtain the optimum results, you need to get ready for examination in due time:

  • It is recommended to refrain from eating and drinking fresh vegetable, fruit or freshly squeezed juice for 2- 3 days prior to the examination.
  • Arrive at the examination fasting.
  • It is not allowed to eat for at least 5 – 6 hours prior to the examination.
  • It is allowed to drink just water before the examination.
  • It is allowed to use daily necessary medication, tablets with some water before the examination.
  • Where US for urinary tract, urinary bladder, prostate is planned – arrive at the examination with full urinary bladder.
  • Where US for urinary bladder is planned, 1 hour prior to the examination it is recommended to drink about 1l of liquid and try not to empty the urinary bladder until the examination.

Abdominal ultrasound examination is performed by:

Medical clinic “Medicīnas centrs ARS”
Skolas Street 5, Riga
Phone: +371 67 201 007
ARS Diagnostic Clinic
J. Asara Street 3, Riga
Phone: +371 66 929 750

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