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Smovey workout

Smovey workout

Smovey workout: a combination of therapy, fitness and health promotion.

Vingrot ar Smovey riņķiem

ARS Health Centre, a branch of the ARS Medical Centre, situated at 11/13 R. Blaumana Street in Riga offers physiotherapy workouts with the Smovey vibroswing, a ring that helps improve the condition of joints, restore the range of movements and reduce excess weight and stress.

Vibroswing exercises if performed properly:

  • activate ca. 97 per cent of the body muscles
  • strengthen muscles
  • have a beneficial effect on the condition and mobility of joints
  • actuate and maintain the upper body muscles
  • stimulate and improve blood circulation
  • stabilise blood pressure
  • improve coordination
  • help build endurance
  • increase metabolism
  • improve digestion
  • activate deep core muscles
  • improve and stabilise the posture
  • strengthen abdominal and back muscles
  • strengthen connective tissue
  • reduce nervousness and tension
  • help reduce excess weight


In order to achieve a therapeutic effect, it is essential to do physical exercises correctly by ensuring a proper grip on the vibroswing, making proper movements and wide arm swings, which also provide a therapeutic vibration effect by causing the steel balls inside the vibroswing to move freely. For this reason, it is best to do a Smovey workout under the guidance of a trained and experienced physiotherapist. Physiotherapy exercises at the ARS Medical Centre are available as individual sessions and group sessions

Workout sessions are conducted by physiotherapists Elīna ROZENFELDE.
Individual classes are conducted by physiotherapist Jeļena PUČINKINA.


These workout sessions are organised at the ARS Health Centre, a branch of the ARS Medical Centre, at 11/13 R. Blaumana Street in Riga
Please apply in advance by calling (+371) 27 827 224 or 67 699 369

Improving your general condition

A set of physical exercises is adapted by the physiotherapist for each client on an individual basis, depending on his or her health condition, degree of fitness and preferences. These workout sessions are also suitable for people without any health problems for improving and maintaining the quality of life. Special exercises and massages involving use of the vibroswing improve and facilitate the functions of the digestive system and the activity of the lymphatic system, thus contributing to the purification of the body. When performed purposefully to a sufficient extent, physical exercise reduces tension in the region of the neck, shoulders and spine, improves blood circulation in the brain and coordination. Exercises with the vibroswing stimulate reflex points on the palms causing the effect of acupuncture with a positive effect on the organs and glands of the body.

Reducing excess weight and cellulite

When doing exercises properly under the guidance of a physiotherapist, the body becomes tighter and energy levels increase already after a few workouts. This improves metabolism, helps develop muscles, and accelerates the burning of fat, which continues also after the workout session. Regular workouts help get rid of excess weight, build and strengthen abdominal, gluteal muscles, muscles of the thigh and spine, strengthen connective tissue, improve skin firmness and condition, and reduce the manifestations of cellulite considerably.

History of the Smovey vibroswing

The Smovey vibroswing was created by the Austrian tennis player and skier Johann Salzwimmer for health improvement purposes after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 50. The doctors predicted he would become bedridden within 4 years and would require full care. When his illness started to restrict his movements, Mr Salzwimmer, fully determined not to give up, designed the vibroswing as a result of prolonged experiments. These rings helped him restore the range of movements and keep himself in good shape. He proved that regular exercises with the rings can help strengthen deep core muscles; besides, the vibrations caused by the ring have a positive effect on the brain areas involved in motor function, too. He called the ring ”Smovey” and patented it. As an innovation, the Smovey vibroswing was awarded the Brand New Award at the International Trade Fair for Sporting Goods and Sports Fashion (ISPO).

Recognising the effectiveness of the vibroswing, a group of doctors, physiotherapists, fitness trainers, neurologists and specialists of the traditional Chinese medicine was formed which developed a set of special exercises ensuring convincingly good results in health restoration and maintenance, fitness and physiotherapy.

For your information:

  • A Smovey vibroswing consists of a spiralled tube, four steel balls and a cushioning handle. When swinging the ring back and forth, the balls start moving freely and create a pulsating vibration.
  • The weight of one Smovey vibroswing is, at rest, about 0.5 kg. Swinging the ring actively back and forth increases its weight effect up to 5 kg.
  • The slogan of smovey is swing, move and smile.
  • Green, the colour of harmony and balance, has a beneficial effect on human body.
 Fizioterapija ar Smovey riņķiem  Fizioterapija ar Smovey riņķiem
 Fizioterapija ar Smovey riņķiem  SFizioterapija ar Smovey riņķiem
 Fizioterapija ar Smovey riņķiem  Fizioterapija ar Smovey riņķiem

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