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This price-list is a guideline only and may change without prior notice.

Diagnostic MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING 3.0T examinations
Philips Ingenia Ambient Experience 3,0 T *
ARS Diagnostic clinic  J.Asara Str. 3, Rīga
One part MRI without contrast (head, spine) 200.00
One part (abdominal or pelvic) MRI without contrast with application of additional examination technique (diffusion, M dixon) 205.00
One part (abdominal or pelvic) MRI with contrast with application of additional examination technique (excluding c/m cost and cost of bolus injector) 220.00
Additional functional examinations 50.00
Joint MRI without contrast (one part, excluding cost of bolus injector and c/m) 205.00
Breast МRI (without contrast) 205.00
Breast МRI with contrast (excluding c/m, bolus injector cost) 225.00
МR angiography (one part) without contrast 218.00
МR angiography (one part) with contrast (excluding bolus injector cost and c/m cost) 238.00
Extra charge for MRI (2-4 additional incisions during one examination session) 100.00
Extra charge for MRI (2-4 additional incisions and additional functionality examination session) 110.00
МR enterography (without contrast) 245.00
МR colonography (without contrast) 255.00
Extra charge for using bolus injector 20.00
Extra charge for i/i administration of contrast medium or medication 5.00
Contrast medium for MRI (Gadovist) 7.5 – 15 ml 73.00-146.00
MRI processing at work station 25.00
Total body diffusion – weighted in-depth scan 700.00
Local i/i anaesthesia during MRI procedure 90.00
Preparation of scan results in a foreign language 15.00
Description of examination made in another institution 50.00
Council of physicians with MRI 35.00
Preparation of examination copy (CD recording) 5.00
Extra charge for intra-articular administration of contrast medium 28.00
Contrast medium for liver MRI (Primovist) (10 ml) 210.00

* particularly suitable for larger patients (up to 150 kg)