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Injections, infusions, punctures

This price-list is a guideline only and may change without prior notice.

I/muscular or subcutaneous injections 8.20
Injection course 5 times 33.00
Intramuscular injection for a child 4.40
Intravenous injection for a child 8.00
Intravenous injection 11.50
Intravenous injection course 5 times 49.50
I/articular injection 33.00
Intravenous infusion 27.50
Intravenous infusion for allergic patients and children 22.00
Venous infusion at the day patient facility 33.00
Elbow or knee joint puncture 33.00
Shoulder or hip joint puncture 33.00
Lymph node, seroma, hygroma, hematoma puncture 18.70