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Gynecological research

The price list is of informative nature and may be changed without any previous warning.

Consultations, examinations EUR
Transperineal, transvaginal 2D and 3D pelvic floor US 95.00
Uterine US examination using endocavity probe 60.00
Imaging of fallopian tubes with contrast medium under US control 100.00
Imaging the uterine fundus with NaCl under US control 95.00
Breast US examination 66.00
Targeted therapy of the vagina with medications 17.00
Targeted therapy of the cervix with medications 17.00
Test to assess readiness of the cervix 26.00
Ablation of cervical polyp 31.00
Thermocoagulation of the cervix 58.00
Cryodestruction of the cervix 58.00
GeniTest for detecting vaginal candidiasis 26.00
Colposcopy 45.00
Cardiotocographic examination 25.00
Endometrial aspiration smear 39.00
Laser ablation of benign tumours of vulva, vagina and cervix 75.00
Hysteroscopy 88.00