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Gastroscopy and/or partial duodendoscopy 123.00
Gastroscopy and/or partial duodendoscopy with sampling 148.00
Gastroscopy and/or partial duodendoscopy with sampling and sedation before the exam 156.00
Sampling for biopsy 25.00
Rapid urease test 14.00
Diagnostic colonoscopy 124.00
Diagnostic colonoscopy incl. sample collection (up to 3 samples) 186.00
Charge for every 3 extra samples 20.00
Removal of small polyps up to 3 pcs. (more than 3 – the cost increases proportionally) 40.00
Removal of a large polyp (>1 cm) 60.00
Surcharge for use of high-frequency equipment 32.00
Surcharge for use of single-use injector 70.00
Brief i/v anaesthesia in upper endoscopy 88.00
Brief i/v anaesthesia in colonoscopy 88.00
Patient sedation before an endoscopic exam 8.00
Patient observation in the monitoring area after an endoscopy 18.00
Histological examination of endoscopic samples 25.00
Surcharge for single-use endoloop 70.00
Diagnostic colonoscopy up to the splenic flexure 120.00
Diagnostic rectoscopy 85.00
Histological analysis of a large biopsy sample amount 39.00
Anaesthesia for upper and lower endoscopy 140.00

This price-list is a guideline only and may change without prior notice.Rektoskopija, eventuāli ieskaitot parauga ekscīziju, parauga punkciju – 32.00
Rektoskopija ar vienreizējas lietošanas rektoskopu – 36.00
Hemoroidālo mezglu klipēšana ar lateksa gredzeniem – 3 procedūras – 207.00