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Urologists at the ARS Medical Company help solve urological problems for both men and women.

  • The most common urological problems in men:

      • Benign prostate diseases;
      • Prostate cancer – early diagnosis;
      • Erectile dysfunction;
      • Premature ejaculation;
      • Male infertility;
      • Men’s contraception – a vasectomy;
      • Sexually transmitted infection – diagnosis and treatment;
      • Testicular diseases – varicocele.
  • The most common urological problems in women:

      • Urinary tract infection;
      • Urinary incontinence
      • Overactive bladder.
  • Both sexes:

      • Kidney stones;
      • Urinary tract tumour early diagnosis – kidney, bladder tumours;
      • Congenital urinary tract malformations – duplex kidneys, horseshoe kidney;
      • Patient monitoring after cancer treatment.

The ARS Medical Company gives access to all the latest and most advanced urological examinations, including flexible cystoscopy – an endoscopic bladder examination. The ARS Medical Company is the only outpatient clinic that provides urodynamic testing.

We also provide lithotripsy or in other words kidney stone removal procedure which is paid for by the National Health Service (NHS).

If needed, an urologist will refer patients for additional exams, for example,

These are provided by the ARS Medical Company using high-end diagnostic equipment. We offer physiotherapy during which a biofeedback method is used, by training and strengthening the pelvic floor musculature.