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Traumatologist-orthopedist carry out diagnostic and therapeutic arthroscopy, blockades and other manipulations.

The ARS Medical Company provides patients with consultations from the leading Latvian traumatologists–orthopaedists with extensive experience in hospital work.

We provide assistance for various bone and joint diseases and injuries. If necessary, experts refer patients for additional tests, such as x-rays, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, multilayer computed tomography and scintigraphy all which can be done in our medical institution.

The human skeleton consists of approximately 206 bones that are connected with each other as immovable joints, joints with a limited movement and flexible joints. In everyday life we don’t think about the mechanics of these movements. You raise your arm above your head or bend your knee without thinking. We are accustomed to relying on our bodies until … suddenly something starts to interfere.

One of the most frequently traumatized and the more vulnerable joints is the knee. Extensive load and high amplitude movements inflicted upon knee joints as well as the complex structure of the joint makes it vulnerable to frequent injury and illness.

What are the most common knee complaints?

Patient complaints can be divided into two groups – pain and instability.

Causes of knee joint pain:

  • Pain in young people is more often associated with damage to the meniscus (patients remember the trauma episode, from which the complaint has developed).
  • Pain for middle age people is frequently characterized by a meniscus tear, without a single injury – a rupture develops gradually, tissues tear and disintegrate under extensive loads (similar to a worn cloth).
  • Pain in older people is generally due to joint deformation – arthrosis (a degenerative, progressive disease of the joints, which is characterized by changes in the articular surfaces). Joints forming cartilage surface become uneven and meniscuses get damaged too. With arthrosis progression changes in the bones appear – osteoarthrosis. It is a slowly progressive disease of the joints, which is characterized by entire joint structure damage, especially cartilage degradation and new bone formation (bone spurs), which causes structural and functional changes in the joints.

The second group of complaints is a feeling of insecurity or instability in the knee joint. The most common reason is a ligament tear. Untreated and unstable joints over time will be accompanied by pain.