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Endocrinologists at the ARS Medical Centre consult in cases of diabetes, thyroid, pituitary, adrenal, metabolic disorders, increased body weight and other endocrine diseases.

A full examination is important in order to set a diagnosis and choose an appropriate treatment tactic, executed with the most sophisticated methods:

  • The widest range or laboratory and hormonal diagnostic options are available at the E.Gulbis laboratory
  • Ultrasound examinations (thyroid, abdominal organs, kidney, head and leg vascular examinations)
  • CT, including angiography examinations,
  • Magnetic resonance imaging,
  • Scintigraphic examinations (thyroid nodules and parathyroid glands, kidney function determination)

The most common of endocrine diseases – diabetes and its complications – affect almost all organ systems. Therefore it is important that a wide variety of specialists are involved in the treatment process, such as cardiologists, neurologists, nephrologists, eye doctors, nutritionists and other specialists. Additionally, if the glucose metabolism is disrupted during pregnancy, the treatment requires close cooperation with gynaecologist.

The ARS Medical Centre employs highly qualified and experienced doctors – endocrinologists, who will both accurately diagnose disease and choose the best method of treatment.