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Algologist – pain therapist who is familiar with pain formation mechanisms and is able to help prevent the suffering caused by pain.

Pain is the body’s warning signal that our existence is threatened. Therefore, the pain must be taken seriously, and the warning signs should not be silenced with pain relief medication. It is important to find the cause of pain and, if possible, a cure for their cause. If the disease is incurable or chronic pain formation system is irreversibly damaged, chronic pain really never stops persisting.

There are a number of chronic diseases causing pain – back, neck and shoulder pain, headache and migraine, rheumatism, joint pain, osteoarthritis, neuropathic pain due to diabetes, cancer, etc.

If the pain is very strong and persists over long period of time, the effects can be devastating on both mental and physical quality of life.

Algologist helps to relieve pain and to find a suitable solution.

Quality pain therapy can significantly improve well-being.

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