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The ARS Medical company is a multidisciplinary outpatient medical establishment with access to specialists of various fields. We have consultants from leading clinics, and provide comprehensive diagnostic options – from the simplest laboratory and x-ray examinations to high-tech methods such as multilayer computed tomography, magnetic resonance and scintigraphy.

Working as a team, with highly qualified consultants and using the most modern diagnostic methods, our doctors will be able to help in a variety of situations – including cases with challenging complicated illnesses.

Our most important task is to ensure that every time a patient visits The ARS Medical company they can entrust their health with our professionals in order to achieve a desirable outcome:

  • Targeted, precise diagnostics
  • High-quality, timely treatment
  • Quick recovery and return to work

For best results when searching for specialists or a specific diagnostic’s method on our website use the search bar (top left corner). To learn more about our treatments read the medical treatment section.