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Lung CT screening

The computed tomography scan value is determined not only by technical parameters, but also by the applied software. Medical Centre ARS applies a designated programme for early diagnostic of lung tumours with a low-dose radiation exposure. This precise method can detect objects of several millimetres in size.

Indications for lung CT examination:

  • Changes in chest X-ray;
  • Metastatic changes – in the lungs, pleura, mediastinum, chest wall;
  • haemoptysis;
  • probable bronchiectasis;
  • thymus examination in myasthenic patients;
  • atypical endocrinological changes to exclude lung tumours or parathyroid adenoma;
  • in case of immunodeficiency syndrome- to exclude infection;
  • diffuse infiltrative lung disease or emphysema;
  • dissection of the aorta, pulmonary thromboembolism;
  • to exclude malignant processes;
  • evaluation of inflammation process prevalence;
  • evaluation of chest wall abnormalities prevalence;
  • chest trauma;
  • cancerophobia.

Examination cost – Price-list