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This price-list is a guideline only and may change without prior notice

Electrocoagulation of one large formation 30.00
Electrocoagulation of one small formation 14.50
Collection of samples for STD test 6.00
Dermatoscopy using MoleMax HD (1 formation) 20.00
Dermatoscopy using MoleMax HD (per each next formation) 10.00
Whole-body dermatoscopy using MoleMax HD 50.00
Dermatoscopy of one skin formation using hand-held dermatoscope 17.00
Dermatoscopy of three skin formations using hand-held dermatoscope 36.00
Extra charge for dermatoscopy of each next formation (if in excess of three) 7.50
Punch biopsy 57.00
Cryodestruction of one formation (liquid nitrogen treatment) 6.00
Cryodestruction of three formations 14.50
Cryodestruction of more than 3 formations 17.00
Application of medicinal substances 10.00
Comedone extraction procedure (1 piece) 20.00
Removal of eyelid xanthelasma 45.00