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Application of dressings

This price-list is a guideline only and may change without prior notice.

Application of dressings  EUR
Dressing, except fast – setting, spray-on etc. 13.20
Pressure dressing 11,00
Immobilization with elastic bandage for legs 13.20
Immobilization with elastic bandage for hands 11,00
Plaster splint for at least 2 large joints (shoulder, elbow etc), also application of temporary dressing 27.50
Immobilization of humeral fracture according to Turner 35.20
Foot immobilization with plaster splints in case of tibial shaft distal 1/3 fracture etc. 30.80
Plaster splint bandage 18.70
Repeated plaster splinting 13.20
Removal of circular synthetic plaster 20.90