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New specialist – Dr. K. SHUSHPANOVS, gynecologist with specialization in operative gynecology

We are pleased to announce that from November 2022, Dr. Christians SHUSHPANOVS, a certified gynecologist, an obstetrician with a specialization in operative gynecology, a certified ultrasound specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, will start working in the Women’s Consultation Department.
Gynecologist Dr. K. Shushpanov specializes in:

  • Modern surgical treatment of female genital prolapse – laparoscopy, vaginal surgery.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis – laparoscopy.
  • Treatment of uterine formations (leiomyomatous nodes, large uterine leiomyomas) – laparoscopy, hysteroresectoscopy, conventional surgery.
  • Treatment of ovarian formations (cystic formations of all kinds) – laparoscopy.
  • Treatment of internal processes of the fallopian tubes – laparoscopy.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of formations of the cervix and uterine cavity, internal processes of the small pelvis – hysteroscopy, hysteroresectoscopy, abrasion.
  • Surgical treatment of infertility, adhesions – laparoscopy.

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