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Distance Consulting at the “Medicīnas centrs ARS”

Dear patients,

In the interests of patient health and accessibility of medical services, ARS Medical Centre has been providing distance health consultations over the phone since 19 March.

Distance consulting at the ARS Medical Centre is provided by a therapist, general practitioner, paediatrician, cardiologist, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, infectious disease specialist, neurosurgeon/spine surgeon and other specialists.

How to apply for a health consultation over the phone

  • Call the ARS reception desk (+371) 67 201 007.
  • Make an appointment: choose the doctor/specialist you need and the preferred date & time of your consultation.
    • Patients with a valid health insurance policy should inform the reception desk staff accordingly.
  • Specify the desired specialist and make a full prepayment for the phone consultation.
    • Payment details:
      • Beneficiary: Medicinas sabiedrība ARS, SIA
        Company Registration No 40103021886
        Bank: Swedbank A/S
        Code: HABALV22
        Account: LV29HABA0551002130197
      • In case of an urgent phone consultation confirmed by the ARS reception desk staff make the prepayment promptly and email a copy of the payment order to
  • Forward us your medical record documentation required for the consultation.
    • Make sure that reports of previous medical exams, tests (if any) are enclosed. Please use the form provided below (Send medical documentation before a confirmed phone consultation).
  • Get prepared for the distance consultation:
    • In case of a phone consultation you will be contacted by a doctor at the appointed time.
    • In case of a video consultation
      • Make sure
        • Your PC and/or mobile phone camera and sound is turned on and is working
        • Your Internet connection is working
        • If the doctor cannot see or hear you during a video call please check your browser settings if permission to use the camera and microphone has been granted. Click/press the small image in front of the link to check.
          • For more information on permission to use the camera and microphone please read the following:
      • A text message containing a browser link and instructions how to connect to the remote video consultation service will be sent to your mobile phone number:
        • Please wait, the consultation may start a couple of minutes later.
        • In case of any questions please call (+371) 67 201 007.
  • Consultation with a doctor:
    • On completion of the medical consultation your medical documentation will be available here:
  • A phone consultation will be cancelled in case of failure to make the prepayment.
  • Make sure that the mobile phone number you provide for contacts is correct!