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Intimate Area Laser Resurfacing for Women

Taking care of the health and psychological comfort of its patients, the ARS Medical Centre has acquired a SmartXide V2LR fractional CO2 medical laser manufactured by the Italian medical equipment producer DEKA. This laser offers a possibility to improve the health of the women’s intimate area and enhance the quality of life greatly.

The new MonaLisa Touch® procedure allows vaginal rejuvenation, correction of urine incontinence due to initial load and non-invasive treatment of various benign vulvar and vaginal conditions and lesions.

Structural changes in the vaginal mucosa – during the early post-natal period, in daily life after several childbirths, and during menopause when hormonal support for the mucosa reduces rapidly – occur in practically all women in the course of their life. MonaLisa Touch®  is a new non-surgical treatment procedure designed to prevent and treat vulvar and vaginal atrophy (VVA) and its side effects.

When should the MonaLisa Touch®  laser procedure be used?

  • During the reproductive age:
    • In the early postnatal period when, while breastfeeding the baby, the level of oestrogen drops rapidly leading to changes in the vaginal mucosa, as manifested by dryness, thinning, embrittlement, and loss of vaginal muscle tone.
    • After repeat childbirth when the mucosa has endured physical trauma during childbirth and is no longer able to recover its previous elasticity: the mucosal tone is reduced, discomfort occurs on a daily basis and dissatisfaction with the quality of one’s intimate life increases.
    • Vaginal relaxation and vaginal mucosa atrophy occurs as a result of tissue changes with aging. This leads to discomfort on a daily basis, symptoms of urine incontinence, changes in the vaginal microflora, feeling of dryness and sexual dissatisfaction.
  • During menopause when the oestrogen level drops. This causes atrophy of the vaginal mucosa resulting in a variety of complaints, such as the sense of dryness, discomfort on a daily basis, pain during sexual intercourse, urine incontinence during physical strain, while laughing, coughing or sneezing.


The MonaLisa Touch® procedure contributes to the local regeneration of tissue by stimulating the formation of new collagen and elastin fibres, which results in:

  • restoration of vaginal mucosa
  • reduction of vaginal atrophy
  • increased firmness and elasticity of vaginal mucosa
  • reduced feeling of dryness and discomfort
  • improved appearance of the external genitalia
  • reduction of pain during sexual intercourse
  • improvement of sensations in sex life and quality of sex life
  • reduction of mild urine incontinence caused by physical strain
  • stabilisation and normalisation of the vaginal microflora
  • the efficiency of the laser procedure will be appreciated by your partner, too.

Getting prepared for the MonaLisa Touch® laser procedure

Before booking the procedure, you should see a gynaecologist for an examination, ultrasound, referral for other tests, if necessar


  • The procedure is performed in a day-care facility and takes ca. 5 minutes to complete.
  • No general or local anaesthesia is required: the procedure is non-surgical and painless.
  • Back to daily life immediately after the procedure, no need to use any medications.
  • A course of 3-4 repeat procedures is recommended for better results, the effect remains for 2 years.
  • For prophylactic purposes it is recommended to have one maintenance procedure a year.
  • The procedure is recommended no earlier than 2 months after childbirth.
  • Sexual intercourse may be resumed 5 days after the procedure.

The laser procedures are performed by gynaecologists Dr Daiga BARANOVSKA and Dr Larisa ANTONOVA.


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