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House visits from a doctor!

24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Medical Company ARS,

The emergency medical assistance unit at the „ARS” medical company provides emergency medical assistance not only in Riga but throughout Latvia 24 hours a day.

The “ARS” medical company provides an improved treatment strategy that can be handy during weekends and public holidays. Introducing it to you are the head of the emergency medical assistance unit Ēriks Didrihsons and emergency medical assistance doctor, cardiologist Anita Makarovska.

Emergency unit contact number +371 67201003

When to call for emergency help?

In all acute cases:

  • Sudden, sharp pain – in any part of the body,
  • Heart disturbances,
  • High body temperature,
  • Poor overall wellbeing,
  • Also late at night when it is not possible to call a GP,
  • If help is necessary to assist with injections, intravenous infusions etc.

Our phone dispatchers will evaluate the seriousness of the situation and will determine whether it is necessary for an emergency medical assistance unit to visit or if it is better for a GP, cardiologist or other specialist to pay a house visit.

Equipment as required by office of ministers

Emergency ambulance vehicles are completely adjusted for intensive care and life saving as stated by law:

  • ECG devices, to perform heart electrocardiogram
  • Defibrillators with a monitor, necessary when disruptions in heart rhythm need to be averted and for patient reanimation
  • Resuscitators
  • Oxygen, stretcher splints and vacuum mattresses which are necessary for first aid in life threatening situations.

2 new ambulances were procured in 2013.

Emergency medical assistance brigade

Our emergency medical assistance brigades have a doctor, doctor’s assistant and ambulance vehicle driver (the drivers have undergone and completed special training to be able to assist and provide operative medical help).

Our emergency medical assistance brigades:

  • Perform general examination (ECG, sugar levels in blood etc.).
  • Treat a patients in their homes (perform injections/intravenous infusions).
  • Write medical certificates (where necessary).
  • Appoint further treatment and prescribe medicines.
  • Convey patients to a hospital or other appropriate medical establishment.

Additional options:

  • Provide patient transfers under the supervision of a doctor’s assistant or intensive care brigade within and outside Latvia.
  • Ensure qualified doctors on duty for a variety of events (concerts, sporting events and more).
  • Our first aid brigades serve diverse mass events, sporting events and much more.
ARS medical company

We do not attend calls:

  • For cases of intoxication with alcohol or drugs. In this case the “ARS” medical company specialist-narcologist’s help is needed.

Narcology unit twenty-four hour phone number + 371 67201093.

When to call the state emergency medical help service?   

If help is needed very promptly, for example, if there has been a road accident/serious situation that creates life threatening circumstances the state service can react more promptly and efficiently.

Price: Call for emergency medical services: 70,00 EUR

Important: Prices for Latvian citizens and foreign visitors are the same.

For your knowledge: This service is covered by some insurance companies (dependent on the type of policy).

Doctor-specialist house calls

Dispatcher phone number +371 67201003

The emergency medical assistance unit also provides doctor-specialist visits at patients’ homes.

For example, in cases where you suffer from severe back ache, have a high body temperature or have flu and you do not want to attend the medical establishment on your own or in cases when you GP is not available.

“ARS” medical company offers house visits from a variety of doctors-specialists:

  • GPs,
  • Paediatricians,
  • Neurologists,
  • Cardiologists,
  • Surgeons,
  • If necessary – dermatologists,
  • ORL specialist etc.

Good news: in addition to weekdays, doctors can be called for house visits on weekends and public holidays until 8pm.

Doctors-specialists have appropriate equipment that enables them to perform a variety of examinations – measure blood pressure, listen to heart rate, determine blood sugar levels, perform ECG, prescribe referrals to X-rays, blood/urine analysis etc.

The doctor also carries out GP functions – do general examinations, appoint treatments and prescribe medicines, and when necessary, provide a sick-leave certificate.

For you knowledge: unlike emergency medical assistance brigades that provide first aid, doctor-specialists called for a house visit carry out only examinations, appoint further treatment and prescribe medications.

Price: doctor-specialist house visit:  45 .00 EUR (outside the borders of Riga 60.00 EUR).

Important: prices for Latvian citizens and foreign visitors are the same. For a house-call outside the borders of Riga a supplement of 0,50 EUR per 1 kilometre is added.

 For your knowledge: this service is covered by some insurance companies (dependent on the type of policy)

Paediatrician house visits

We provide full service treatment and prophylactic care for children until the age of 18.

Dr.A.DzirnieceThe “ARS” medical company paediatrician Astrīda Dzirniece: If your child is ill, it is not necessary to visit a doctor! You can request a house visit from a paediatrician. House calls can be made in instances when you want to provide care after illness or get a consultation in a matter that is of interest to you, but do not want to bring your child to a medical establishment in case if the child comes into contact with other ill people that could lead to another illness.

To request a house visit from a paediatrician please call +371 67201003.

Good news: doctors can be requested every weekday, and also on the weekends and public holidays from 8am until 8pm.

Comprehensive service and individual treatment

We are examining the child in their home, a place where they feel comfortable, avoiding unnecessary agitation. We have diverse quick tests in our possession allowing for the immediate detection of infection/its cause. If necessary, paediatricians can perform injections. Together with parents we develop the best possible treatment plan and prescribe necessary medication. It is possible to sort out any formalities associated with your child’s illness – write a sick-note for school or nursery, sick-leave certificate for the parent etc. If necessary, we can take parents and their children to a stationary hospital to avoid queues at the casualty reception.


We provide newborn medical patronage. If after returning from the maternity hospital mother does not have any communication with a GP or a paediatrician she can call for a house visit from a paediatrician. We provide the mother with comprehensive information about newborn care, feeding etc. If necessary, we can undertake monthly check-ups and we also carry out the state required vaccines injections free of charge.

Prices: Paediatrician house-visit within the limits of Riga city: 45.00 EUR (outside the borders of Riga 60.00 EUR). For a call outside Riga a supplement of 0,50 EUR per 1 kilometre will be added.

Important: Latvian citizens and foreign visitors are charged equally.

For your knowledge: this service is covered by some insurance companies (dependent on the type of policy).

In all of Latvia

We attend to patients in Riga and outside Riga; however an additional charge per kilometre is added for house calls outside Riga.  We travel to any place in Latvia where a mother wants to receive paediatrician services. It is especially useful during weekends, public holidays and weekday evenings, when GPs are not available.