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Rehabilitation and Exercise sessions

Rehabilitation and exercise sessions with a physiotherapist are especially recommended for people who need to regain the joy of movement after an illness. Exercises are advised for people recovering from various spinal illnesses or physical injuries,  in case of heart or blood vessel illnesses, for posture correction and for stress reduction.

Rehabilitation and exercise sessions improve the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems and stimulate the central nervous system. The major rules of the exercise and rehabilitation sessions are: carry out exercises exactly as demonstrated, obtain maximum stretching of the body and carry out all exercises slowly. The exercises are mainly performed while lying horizontally.

Subscription for the rehabilitation and exercise sessions:

  • 5 classes 36.00 – 68.00 EUR
  • 10 classes 72.00 – 135.00 EUR

Exercise and rehabilitation sessions are held in ARS Medical center’s branch – the ARS Health center in Blaumaņa street 11/13, Riga.

For rehabilitation and exercise sessions please register by phone:

(+371) 27 827 224 or (+371) 67 699 369

 Rehabilitation and Exercise sessions  Rehabilitation and Exercise sessions
 Rehabilitation and Exercise sessions  Rehabilitation and Exercise sessions