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X-ray diagnostics

This price-list is a guideline only and may change without prior notice.

X-ray diagnostics EUR
Cranium (two projections) 24.20
Sinuses in one projection 14.30
Parts of the cranium in specific projections 31.90
Thoracic x-ray in two projections 31.90
Thoracic x-ray for children 15.40
Limbs and parts of limbs in at least two projections, each part 17.60
Shoulder or hip joint in two projections 27.50
Surcharge for additional image 9.90
Skeletal parts in one projection (fingers, nasal bone) 8.80
Pelvic x-ray 26.40
Sections of the spine in at least two projections (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral-coccyx) 28.60
Lumbar section of the spine in at least 4 projections 51.70
Cervical section of the spine in at least 4 projections 42.90
Prophylactic thoracic x-ray 17.60
Thoracic x-ray, radioscopy 31.90
Thoracic x-ray, radioscopy (heart configuration) 51.70
Thoracic x-ray (specific parts) 7.70
Abdominal xray, one projection 22.00
Thoracic x-ray with a report in foreign language 52.00
Esophageal contrast examination, including screening 48.40
The upper digestive tract contrast examination, including screening 64.90
X-ray contrast imaging of upper gastrointestinal tract up to iliocecal junction, including radioscopy 28.00
Urgent x-ray processing 7.15
Evaluation of radiological examinations performed elsewhere
Double-contrast enema including digital xray screening 85.80
Digital excretory urography 77.00
Defecography 99.00
Colonic transit time 89.00