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Health check-up programmes

Regular preventive check-ups are very important if you want to maintain a high quality of life long term. The Medical Center ARS has developed special health check-up programmes which enable a quick and high quality health analysis, to prevent the potential development of illnesses.

 check-up programmes  check-up programmes

Each programme’s main goal is to accurately identify and eliminate potential risk factors as quickly as possible using the latest early diagnostics and preventive measures:

  • Standard check-up programme.

    Suitable for anyone without specific complaints, but who has the desire to gain a comprehensive and professional health status assessment. The programme includes – heart health assessment, abdominal cavity sonography, extensive blood and urine analysis, digital lung x-ray etc.

  • Recommended check-up programme.

    General health check-up with an extended range of tests and risk assessments for cardiovascular disease, cancer and osteoporosis. The programme can also include veloergometry, eye diagnostics etc.

  • Extended check-up programme.

    Our most comprehensive check-up that provides extensive information about a patient’s health. The programme includes thyroid sonography, leg vein, head and neck blood vessel dopplerography and echocardiography.

Check-ups begin with a visit to a physician where we summarise health complaints, information about past diseases, work-life balance, physical well-being, family history (hereditary disease history, diseases from which parents and grandparents have suffered), as well as determining how much the patient can afford to invest in their health. Patients are recommended to bring results of last year’s examinations to avoid unnecessary re-examinations.


The most suitable check-up programme is usually established during the first visit with a physician. These programmes have been developed so that every patient can evaluate how much their check-up might cost. If during the examination any deviations from the norm are found patients will be referred for additional testing.

To sign up for one of the check-up programmes, please call:

  • (+371) 672 01 007
  • (+371) 278 272 24


 check-up programmes  check-up programmes
 check-up programmes  check-up programmes
 check-up programmes  check-up programmes